A Hot Commodity

A couple of days ago I had two men sitting at my bar and we got to talking and they asked if I have any kids? If I’ve been married…blah blah blah..the same questions I get here in the midwest. Too much of their surprise I said no to all their questions. Which led one of them to say, “Well your a hot commodity in these parts” and one of them continued on and told me that I look like a good breeder. Good grief!

So I really don’t have much pantience with this blog.  Seems like it slows my computer down to the speed of dial up and adding pictures really seems like a hassle. But anyway, here are some pictures I’ve got so far this summer. It’s been pretty nice..besides the rain and the flooding! Lots of bugs tho from all water. Today I will say is supposed to get up to 100′. Gross. But I am excited about going out tonight with girl I’ve known since Kindergarten! There’s a new Irish Pub that has opened up and they have live music (and a cute manager). So wish me luck…


Grateful For Today

                   So today I start my grateful 365, which is a project this photographer started and she is now trying to do a documentary about how it changed her life.  If you go to http://www.365grateful.com, she goes into detail about the whole project.  Today honestly couldn’t have been a more beautiful spring day here. Utterly perfect in every way.  All the colors of  today just seemed so crisp and bright!  One thing I started out with that I’m grateful for was this old Polaroid camera my great Aunt had given me.  When I was about six or seven years old I had asked my mom to ask Aunt Dolores if she would leave the camera to me in her will and well she did and now I have it.  Funny thing is, the film is not produced anymore and it’s about $50 bucks for 10 pictures.  I’ve checked on Amazon and I’ll have to spend at least a hundo on a twin pack….I just have to make sure whatever I’m shooting is dam well worth it! I did just order another lens last night, Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II, I’m soo excited to shoot with it. The two dogs in the pictures are my neighbors, Paco, (of course) is the father who is so proudly posing, and I got a shot of  one of the pups off the front porch.  I have a couple of shots on the bridge that connects South Sioux City, Ne and Sioux City,  Ia.  This was not that enjoyable, I’ve always been uneasy around heights but lately it seems to be worse.  I have a shot of Momma Coughlin at Stone State Park and some of the flowers around the yard. By accident, I’ve just noticed, I uploaded a picture of the beach in San Francisco. Oops!  Maybe it’s a sign that I need to get out there soon again.

                 Like I said earlier, I really couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  During my run tonight, not only was I enjoying all the lovely things I could see but all the great things I could hear and smell.  A lawn mower in the distance, voices of kids playing tag, sound of a baseball hitting the glove, and the smell of the grill.  I may not enjoy the fact that I’m living back at home in the midwest, but  for ONCE  I know where I want to go with this life of mine!  And until I can get to where I’m going, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the scenery and hopefully capture some of it with my camera.



Easter Smeaster

So today was my first Easter home in years. Not only was I excited to be with my family, I was also excited that I had a Sunday off. I haven’t had a Sunday off since I started my new job and I was looking forward to enjoying a day of not doing anything sans any guilt. Plus Jesus is risen so win, win for everyone right?!  After having a lovely ham dinner at my brother and sister-in-laws house, Momma Coughlin and I decided to go for a little drive considering it was the first day we’ve seen the sun in weeks!  But trust me, I’m still not missing the Arizona weather..I’m actually looking forward to a normal summer of three months even if the humidity puts permanent pit stains on my shirts and enough oil on my face to change the oil in my car.  Anyway, we decided to stop at home to get my camera and head to the Homer hills. (I know exciting, huh?)  I wish I had some exciting story next…but I don’t. I took only a few photos and this was really the only one I liked. This was a very scary bridge over a creek. I took more photos of the creek but I actually got my shadow in them and ruined the shots. I’m still learning..;)

Cornfields To Skyscrapers…

So I’m starting a blog following my ever so entertaining life as I go from Scottsdale, Arizona to Dakota City, Nebraska to eventually New York City.   A lot of this blog will be my photography also, so if  life gets a little boring on the way I can at least entertain you with some photos!  I’ve been here a few months so far and already some interesting things have happened. No, I have not yet met a farm boy who I fall in love with, and buy a farm.

April showers bring May flowers?

So it’s been raining like crazy, and I officially feel a lil crazy. With the lack of sun, the job I have and no social life at all,  it’s enough to turn a sane girl crazy..or in my case a crazy girl even crazier. I will say I am enjoying my first spring in eight years.  I enjoy the feeling of rebirth and new beginnings spring brings. I also love the smell of my clothes being dried outside! I forgot how amazing that smell is.  April will end soon and hopefully all this rain will bring May flowers and hopefully a social life for ol’ Lizzie here too.